What is the Custom Lab?

Creating a cosmetic brand is a long process and special care must be taken at each step, while limiting the initial investment costs.

How did the concept come out?

I have met entrepreneurs who have faced significant challenges when approaching the research and development and manufacturing stages of their project, which may have slowed down their progress. For them, it is often difficult to answer the following questions:

The whole process

How can I have a clear picture of the different stages of a cosmetic brand creation and each of their cost?

Making the difference

How can I stand out in the competitive cosmetics market by offering unique, reliable, environmentally friendly and regulatory compliant products?


Where can I find a local, quality, affordable packaging supplier, who could provide all regulatory packaging documentation?


Where can I find a manufacturer of small series of finished products to get started?

How to create a cosmetic line?

I offer to entrepreneurs to carry out their cosmetic line projects with the following services, focusing on the Research and Development (R&D) step :

Expertise on design / innovation

Formulas design

Product stability and micro tests

Regulatory compliance

with full PIF safety report (Part A and B) and CPNP notification

To learn more about each step