What is our purpose?

To create simple, minimalist, effective, natural and biodegradable solutions with innovative ingredients

Aims & Origins

Placide Cosmetics has been created with the aim of developing simple, minimalist, effective, natural and biodegradable cosmetic products, designed and manufactured in the West Indies, promoting innovative local raw materials.

With the Custom lab, I assist worldwide professionals and entrepreneurs in making up their cosmetic projects, by delivering formulas ready to be industrially manufactured.

Fundamental values

Eco-friendly & Sustainability

The cosmetic products are eco-designed, natural or organic or vegan certified ( COSMOS Ecocert, Soil AssociationCosmebio, NaTrue, Slow Cosmétique) with a maximum of natural and organic ingredients.

Minimalism & Transparency

Following Clean Beauty idea, the ingredients’ list is short and the functions and roles of each ingredient is clearly explained. Ethical raw materials are sourced to make every formula.

Well-being & Listening

Cosmetic products are effective and aim to produce a feel-good vibe in each user. The idea is to listen to the body in order to respond as closely as possible to its needs, while respecting the natural balance of skin, scalp and hair.

Quality & Creativity

The formulas surprise with innovative textures, taking into account the finite natural resources. The safety evaluation of the products is done in partnership with experts in toxicology, following the European regulations.