Why should you choose us?

Natural, original and custom-made formulas are designed with ingredients selected for their sustainability.

Guarantees & services


For me, developing bespoke projects means getting involved in all steps before selling. I do not hesitate to suggest original ideas and concepts, inspired by my numerous encounters around the world and my Caribbean roots.

The formulas are designed from A to Z in an ultra personalized way and they do not have common bases with other existing products on the market.

Direct contact with the client

I am committed to understanding my clients and meeting their needs and specifications with rigor. I also guarantee to be very available, reactive and to meet deadlines. My clients are closely involved every step of the way, from Research and Development progress to formulation fine-tuning. I take into account all their remarks and I keep them informed of the slightest modification.

I assist my clients in their search for packaging suppliers or manufacturers of small series.

Free test samples

Knowing the importance of getting feedback during an entrepreneurial venture, I provide samples – free of charge – to conduct larger product trials.

Proofreading of communication documents

To further support my clients in their marketing campaign, I offer to proofread all communication documents (website, flyers, etc.) to verify the accuracy of scientific information in displays and to insure that claims are compliant with the European cosmetic regulation.

Commitment & Ambitions

Through the various missions entrusted to Placide Cosmetics, I commit myself to:

To satisfy our customers

To meet the needs of local and international customers with simple, technical and sustainable solutions

To develop economically

To take part in the economic development of Caribbean area from a local and international perspective

To promote green chemistry

To create qualified and unqualified jobs in the West Indies, in Research & Development department and to contribute to the industrialisation of chemistry

To reach out internationally

To contribute to the international influence of Caribbean area in the fields of cosmetics and hygiene